Propane offers you the benefits of natural gas without having a connection to the natural gas network. Propane or LPG is a clean burning, convenient and efficient fuel with many domestic and industrial uses. 

Propane, a forgotten alternative!



With propane, you can enjoy the same comfort as with natural gas. Central heating, underfloor heating, boilers, classic radiators, or a cozy gas fireplace, ... Anything is possible. Choosing a new heating system for your home is an excellent opportunity to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

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As with natural gas, propane is a user-friendly and easy-to-use source of energy. Propane guarantees you a fest, accurate and safe preparation in the oven and stovetop. An average household uses about 100 liters of propane per year just for cooking. Did you know that you can cook faster with propane than with natural gas because of its high calorific value? 

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Propane is the perfect fuel to produce hot water with, while respecting the environment and your wallet. With propane, you can generate hot water in several ways: direct from the central heating system, with individual water heaters, a boiler, an electric boiler, a warm water heater, ... there are plenty of choices! 

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Green energy

Economically feasable

You can save money with propane because the fuel burns warmer and more efficient than other energy sources. Since propane is a by-product of natural gas and oil, there is a high availability on the international market. 

Low emissions 

Propane produces less harmful emissions than other fossil fuels. It is better for the environment and for your health. By using propane as your basic energy, you produce less greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. 


Since propane is a gas, there is less risk of leakage and contamination of the soil and in the water. There is no risk of air pollution because of its low-carbon properties. 



Propane, one fuel for your entire home. With propane you can produce heat for your central heating system, underfloor heating, radiators and for hot water usage. Additionally, you can cook with gas and relax with a gas fireplace in your living room.


Propane is a flexible fuel that can provide heat for all types of energy systems. However big your business, there are many energy-saving techniques that propane can provide. 


Most famous chefs prefer cooking with gas.  The best kitchens arise from efficiency, thanks to the skill of the chefs and the flexibility of propane gas. Propane gives you the opportunity to prepare your meals with the best conditions. 


Propane is a widely known product int he recreation sector. Campgrounds and parks in the middle of nature usually do not have natural gas network connections. Today, propane is THE alternative energy for natural gas. 


Outdoor living and cooking has becaome a trend for the spring and summer days. Why not install a gas barbeque in your home or business? With outdoor heaters you can extend the time you spend relaxing outside. 


A reliable supply of energy is essential for any business. If you are active in the agricultural sector, this is of extreme importance. Heaters, burners, drying crops, cooling gas, greenhouse heating, weeds and leaves burners, ... 


Propane has the advantage that it can be used in almost any location. Transportable gas vessels and cylinders ensure sufficient stock of propane. It can be used for roofing, road construction, heating and cooling, ... 


The burners of a hot air balloon uses propane gas. This gas is supplied from gas cylinders trough hoses. During heating, the liquid propane is converted into gas. Because more gas is produces, the balloon wil rise. 

Practical propane


Propane is the perfect alternative to oil, electricity or for where there is no natural gas network. Discover the necessary technical info.

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The costs of propane are imposed by the Belgian government. Check their website for the official energy prices. 

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Use our energy saving tips to save money and the environment. You will find advice for optimal energy usage in your home. 

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More questions about propane? View fequently asked questions about propane, butane and their uses. 

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