Choosing a new heating system is a great opportunity to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Using gas for heating is seen by the government as environmentally friendly and modern, because propane heating systems generate upt to 68% less greenhouse gases than electricity. Propane systems offer you all the possibilities of natural gas to heat your home. 


Propane, one energy source for your entire home. With propane you have a central heating system with many heating options: underfloor heating or conventional radiators. You can also generate hot water, cook on a gas stove, and experience the warmth of gas with a fireplace. In Belgium a lot of manufacturers also supply boilers for propane, with the HR and HRtop labels. If propane is a temporary solution in anticipation of natural gas, the only thing you need to do is purchase a boiler that can easily be converted to a natural gas boiler. 

Gas condensing boilers

Condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers and produce less carbon dioxide, while they heat your home as well as the conventional boilers. Older types of boilers convert just 60% of gas into usable heat. With condensing boilers you convert at least 86% of the gas into usable heat. A new boiler combined with a thermostat is an efficient heating system, you use less energy so your gas bill will be lower. 

Types of boilers

ACV Buderus
Vaillant Ariston
Renova Bulex Viessmann

Stoves and fireplaces

A gas stove is an ideal solution for cozy and blissfull warmth, with a minimum of maintenance. Gas heaters are clean, they work fast and efficient. All gas haters use energy sparingly, and are therefore environmentally friendly. With a simple push of a button, you can enjoy the warmth of a gas stove. There is a wide range of gas stoves and fireplaces, adapted to every budget and lifestyle. There are built-in fireplaces, design fireplaces, gas fires and classic fireplaces. 

Types of stoves and fireplaces running on gas 

Faber Sfeerwarmte Barbas
Oranier Cosyflame
Drufire Well Straler

Mobile gas appliances

Did you know that there are many convenient mobile devices on the market that use propane gas? You can use these heaters in a caravan, camper, construction unit, ... It is important that you choose a heater with a CE-label which is protected from an incomplete combustion. 

Additional heating 

There are propane and gas heaters on the market for use in small areas during the cold winter days. The device can be connected to a gas cylinder, depending on your usage. This type of heater is suitable for extra heating in very cold temperatures, in your home or on a construction site, ... 

Patio heating

With a patio heater you can enjoy your garder or patio longer. There are different types of  patio heaters, ranging from the classic types to cozy patio heaters that bring the charm of fire flames on to your patio.