Propane gas is one of the oldest fuels used for cooking. Many chefs cook with propane gas because of the capabilities and usability. 

The gas furnace

Gas furnaces are known for their highly accurate control. The flame is easy to adjust, giving you more control while cooking. Propane provides an instant temperature. Professional kitchens in hospitals and schools can benefit from propane gas. One meal only needs 60g of propane. Professional equipment can be connected to a propane vessel: a sequential burner, steam ovens, fryers, ... there are many innovative devices on the market for cooking with propane!

Qualitative and freestanding furnaces

Boretti Gas Furnaces Aga Gas Furnaces  Falcon Gas Furnaces

Leisure and outdoor cooking 

Barbecues, camping, family gathering, ... there are a number of occasions when we are not at home cooking in our kitchen. Outdoor kitchens, small and portable barbecues, stoves, griddles, ... There are many propane appliances available on the market for recreational use. 

The gas barbecue

Gas BBQ's are practical, simple and efficient. From small table BBQ's for picnics or camping adventures, to a true outdoor kitchen with a gas BBQ with four burners, anything is possible with propane gas. 

Gas furnace

A small, easy and portable furnace for healthy and fast cooking when you are not at home. Ideal for camping adventures. 

Gas burners

Gas burners are ideal for cooking at youth camps or other big outdoor events. 

Enkele verdelers van gas BBQ's 

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