More and more people use propane to heat their homes. Propane is a cost-conscious, safe, sustainable and multifunctional energy. 

Propane is not expensive

Propane is a good solution for your wallet. You do not have to make major investments to place a propane tank, because you can opt to rent it. In addition, a gas condensing boiler is a lot cheaper than a boiler for heating oil. A propane gas installation should be serviced every two years, while a fuel oil boiler needs to be serviced every year. 

Propane is safe

Gas tanks are made so solid that the risk of leakage is virtually nonexistent. To ensure safety the gas tank is inspected and maintained by your gas supplier. The protective gas pipes lie deep under the ground so they are as safe as natural gas pipelines. 

Propane is environmentally friendly

Propane is a clean source of energy. It is a non-toxic and low-emission fuel. Propane can be combined with other renewable energy sources such as solar panels or a solar water heater. This makes propane the ideal energy to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Propane, a versatile range of uses

Propane is not only suitable for a stove, but has many other uses! Central heating, cooking, hot water, ... There are many convenient devices on the market such as gas grills, patio heaters and gas heaters, ... 

Propane gas for every consumer 

When you do not use a lot of energy, gas cylinders are your best choice. When you choose propane for your all your energy needs, we recommend that you install a gas tank. This tank is placed in your garden, depending on your energy consumption and the types of devices you will connect to it, you can choose the ideal capacity of your tank, and opt for an underground or an above-ground tank.