Do you live in an are where there is no connection to the natural gas network, but you still want to use gas in your home? Then propane is the perfect alternative! 

Propane, blissful comfort

Propane and natural gas provide the same comfort. A gas fire, underfloor heating, hot water production, ... Anything is possible with propane gas. 

Propane as a temporary solution

Your home does not have a natural gas connection as of yet, but you are in anticipation of natural gas? Then propane is the ideal solution. You can easily switch from propane to natural gas, with a small adjustment to the nozzles of your boiler. The only thing you need to do is notify your propane gas provider so they can remover your gas tank. 

Living on the countryside

If you live in the countryside, it is important to strive for sustainability by combining country living with renewable energy. You can recover rainwater, insulate and ventilate sufficiently, ... But the best thing you can do is use alternative energy sources for heating your home. Heating with propane in combination with solar panels, or a solar water heater is an ideal solution.