Propane is not only an ecological solution, but also a budget-friendly solution. 

Gas vessel and accessibility 

A propane installation is similar to a natural gas installation. The piping is similar, the only difference is that the main line starts from your tank in the garden instead of from the natural gas network. The placement of the gas vessels is subject to specific safety distances according to the region you live in, and the vessel must be accessible for the delivery of propane gas. 

Propane is multifunctional

Propane offers the comfort of heating, generating hot water and cooking, all with one energy source. 

Traditional boilers and condensing boilers

The new generation of condensing boilers are highly efficient and don't use a lot of energy. They cost less than half of a comparable boiler running on fuel. When propane burns, it produces little residues or soot, this increases the life-span of the boiler. The clean burning propane gas boilers should be serviced only once every two years. You can choose how much you spend on a gas boiler, and have a choice between different brands: ACV, Buderus, Mampay, Vaillant, ... Most brands have both traditional boilers or environmentally friendly condensing boilers. 

The cost of propane

Propane is a lot cheaper than oil, the prices lie in the same class as natural gas. The propane price is variable and is determined by the government. The official price of propane can be found on the website of the Federal Government.